tug of war team in action

Photo: Catherine Jaquest

Harrow Mayor speaking in front of Grimsdyke Brass band

Photo: Graham Jack

seed planting stall
Photo: Dinah Loon

Photo: Graham Jack

compere in gold jacket
Photo: Catherine Jaquest

Photo: Graham Jack

steel band playing under green canopy
Photo: Catherine Jaquest

June 5th, 2022

Harrow Rec Jubilee Party in the Park

Dinah Loon and Graham Jack

    70 years on the British throne is a unique achievement, well worth a glorious celebration countrywide. Congratulations Your Majesty! And how better to celebrate than a jubilee party in our beloved local park, with neighbours, friends and family?

    The event was organised by HRUA (the Harrow Recreation Ground Users Association), in collaboration with Harrow Giving and Pinner Road West Chamber of Commerce, and with support from the National Lottery Fund.

    The long-awaited day dawned grey but not rainy, which was quite a relief after a week of dire weather forecasts for Sunday. Indeed, the afternoon turned out to be dry. Stalwart volunteers, orchestrated by HRUA Committee’s Alison and Jane, were setting up early, and many worked through the day and stayed late to clear up. Tables and gazebos were put up, the stage was set up ready for the many bands and performers who came to entertain us all, and a wheelbarrow was spotted transporting awkward bits and bobs!

    Foremost among the stalls is always the Cake Stall, loaded with goodies baked and donated by our keen volunteers. They had to stop serving mid-afternoon as they’d completely run out of cake! Other stalls included the Make-A-Crown stall (very decorative), the Plant-A-Seed stall (hopefully many local gardens now have a sunflower sprouting), and a stall providing henna and glitter tattoos.

    We were informed: Harrow Best-Before (a not-for-profit organization focused on fighting food waste), Pinner Road West Traders Association (PRWCC),and Harrow Giving (projects to make a positive difference in the lives of Harrow residents)

    We were fed: Desi Hype (“a taste of India”), Nomad / Lalale (Caribbean food);

    And we were entertained by talented and enthusiastic local musicians and dancers: The Banned, Grimsdyke Brass, Harrow Steel (nurturing gifted and talented local musicians), Nomad/Lalale (drums, vocals and rap), Kalaimaram (south asian dance).

    As the afternoon went on, more and more people thronged the park, many dressed in Jubilee colours and some bringing very impressive picnics. It was a happy atmosphere, and now we can all look back on this historic occasion, feeling that we marked it appropriately.

05 May 2022

Spring Tree Walk
Claudia Mernick

   What a wonderful start to the season! On Sunday 1st May a group of 25 people came to our annual Spring Tree Walk. It was led, as usual, by tree expert John Wells who combines vast knowledge with humour and an easy going style. 

   We followed him round the park as he introduced us to around 15 different species. We sniffed the tangerine scent of the Grand Fir which stands behind the Cafe, learnt about the lichen which covers the ash tree near Hindes Road Gate and found out why the Cherry Plum Tree (yes, its fruits are edible) is called Pissard’s Horrible!

   If you want to learn why and much more - then come our next Tree Walk in the Autumn. (Sunday 2nd October) It’s a lovely way to be more engaged with the natural history of our park.

March 2022

People’s Paths
Bill Stephenson - Harrow Recreation Ground Park Champion

Our beautiful Park is mainly covered by lush verdant grass but necessarily there are the official tarmacadamed pathways around and across it. The pathway all the way round the Park is reckoned to be exactly a mile give or take.

However, over the years I and many others have created two unofficial people’s paths by assiduously tramping through the woods in the north eastern and north western parts of the Park, often overgrown and nearly invisible. Then one day without notice the Council decided to mow the paths giving them semi official status, like the routes of people in ancient times morphing into official rights of way or even roads. The Council moves in mysterious ways and people’s power works.

However, this not the end of the story. At the beginning of the pandemic suddenly there appeared paths running parallel to and about a yard away from the official pathways at the north western and north eastern official pathways ways in the Park. They were established in next to no time. Perhaps it was to enable joggers to social distance or maybe they preferred the softer grounds. It is unlikely the Council will upgrade these. Let’s celebrate people power and our people’s paths.

Commemorative plaque: Harrow Council marked HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jublieee...

The dedication plaque
Photo: Dinah Caroline Ashman Loon

Harrow Deputy Mayor planting the jubliee tree

Harrow's Deputy Mayor, Councillor Sasi Suresh, in action.
Photo: Harrow Parks Forum

Queen's Green Canopy logo

link: queensgreencanopy.org

March 2022

HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Planting the Jubilee Oak Tree

The council planting party standing behind the jubilee oak tree

Photo: Harrow Parks Forum

    Royal celebrations are always loaded with symbolism, so the National Civic Tree Planting Day, marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, took place on Friday the 11th March: the 70th day of the 70th year of her reign. The London Borough of Harrow joined-in, planting a tree in our own Harrow Rec, with a host of civic dignitaries present.

    In the picture shown here the planting is being orchestrated by Tony Donetti (Infrastructure Manager – Harrow Council – he’s the one with the spade) and those dignitaries are, from left to right: Councillor Ramji Chauhan; Councillor Anjana Patel; Councillor Graham Henson (Leader of the Council); Councillor Krishna Suresh; Councillor Sasi Suresh (The Deputy Mayor); The Royal Tree herself;  Simon Ovens (Deputy Lieutenant for Harrow); Keith Toms (Honorary Alderman); Councillor Varsha Parmar.

    The new tree is an oak, and you can find it in the avenue of trees near to the SEVA café and the bowling green.  It has been registered as part of the “Queen’s Green Canopy” project, which invites people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.  The project also plans to dedicate a network of 70 Ancient Woodlands across the United Kingdom, and identify 70 Ancient Trees – there’s that symbolism again!

Jan 2022


    With help from volunteers, the Harrow Rec Users Association has been gardening in the park for a number of years. Initially this involved tidying the borders and cutting back any unruly shrubbery and planting bulbs.

    A few years ago, following the completion of the flats by the Roxborough Road entrance, our expert gardeners, Karen and Lynda, decided to replant the empty border.  The developers agreed to fund the project and plants were bought, volunteers recruited and gradually the garden seen today started to take shape.

    Following this success, the gardeners embarked on a more ambitious project of re-designing the Quiet Garden which sadly had become an area attracting anti-social behavior, as the shrubs had grown so large the area was hidden from view.  With help from Harrow Council Green Team, the overgrown plants have been removed and a large new flower bed has been created and planted out.

    We are fortunate to have the support of ONEJAIN who have formulated a 5-year financial plan to fund our work in what is now known as “the Ahimsa Peace Garden”.  They also provide volunteers who help weed, dig, plant and will assist with future maintenance.


    Community gardening generally takes place on the first Monday and fourth Friday of the month and we welcome anyone who would like to help, no matter how green your fingers, and how much time you can spare. Come and join us – it can be great fun and very rewarding. For more information, or to tell us you are coming, please use the "Contact Us" form or send an email to info@harrowrec.org.uk,

Keep an eye on our Facebook group for news about gardening team activities: http://facebook.com/groups/friendsofharrowrec