Park Partners

    Information about the organisations that work together to make Harrow Rec a safe and vibrant centre for our communities.

Harrow Recreation Ground Steering Group

    Most of the organisations listed on this page come together as a steering group to promote the life of the park, coordinate their activities, and to support each other.

   The group meets four times per year, and is currently chaired by Gerry Mahaffey.  Please contact Gerry directly with your questions about the steering group, through the email/number below, or via the “Contact Us” page.

Users Association

    The Harrow Recreation Ground Users Association (HRUA) is a voluntary group of park users who organise around 10 free events in ‘Harrow Rec’ each year, open to all.

    We act when needed as a support and lobbying group on behalf of park users, and we aim to work in partnership with other park groups and clubs, and Harrow Council to make sure that the facilities in the park can be enjoyed by all.

Bowls Club

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Youth Football Club

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